Routines in Your Home

"Connie’s fresh perspective, clarity, common sense approach and understanding helped me complete a project I had been avoiding."
   - Kathie D., mother of 3, San Francisco

Helping people have the life that works for them. Routine Matters can help clear your clutter, streamline your systems, and reduce stress brought on by chaos.

  • Do you have to do everything yourself because no one else can follow your system?
  • Do you avoid inviting people over because your home is too messy?
  • Do you have trouble leaving the house because you can’t find your keys, wallet, shoes, purse…?
  • Do you miss paying bills because you don’t know where they are?
  • Are you trying to sell your house?
  • Are you moving?


Consulting – (2 sessions). Together we find the way to make your business/life work in a way that is tailored to you.

Coaching – Providing the support and insight many people need while implementing their Personal Organization Plan.

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