About Routine Matters

Finding the way to make the pieces fit so you can have a life that works – without feeling like it is all work - is what Routine Matters is all about. By pausing to look at daily routines with a fresh eye and letting go of the way we think things should be, it becomes easier to “go with the flow”.

Routine Matters was started by Connie Johnson, a mother of two teenage children and founder of several successful businesses in the San Francisco area.

Connie was an active partner in 4 restaurants in SF, with a combined staff of more than 80 people. She has first hand experience with the consequences of growing too fast without laying down the necessary foundation. She likes to help other entrepreneurs create the structure they need to grow their businesses successfully.

As the parent of 2 children with learning differences, she understands the importance of routine in helping home life flow smoothly, as well as the importance of playing to our strengths. Her mission is to help people have the life that works for them.

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